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The cylinder head is installed above the cylinder body to seal the cylinder room. Due to the high temperature and pressure environment inside the cylinder block, this requires engine parts suppliers to produce cylinder heads that can withstand large mechanical and thermal loads. The various types of cylinder heads currently sold by LIBAO POWER can do that. Let’s introduce what are the most important cylinder heads for engine components in the following.
The first type, straight cylinder head
The cylinder heads are arranged vertically in the car engine, mostly in rows of individual cylinders. Because of the simple structure, the degree of difficulty in the manufacturing process of engine parts is lower the middle levels, that means it's easy to produce. Engine parts manufacturers in the observation of a number of cars and combined market conditions found that most engines below six cylinders are single-row.
The second type, v-shaped cylinder head

This type usually has two exhaust cylinders, engine parts manufacturers produce the v-shaped cylinder head by setting the Angle between the center lines of the left and right rows of cylinders at less than 180 degrees. Since the height and length of the cylinder are shortened in the manufacturing process, the engine parts manufacturers can reduce the weight of the engine by increasing the hardness of the cylinder. The complexity of shape and the difficulty of machining limit its application scope. At present, this kind of cylinder head is common in cars with more than eight cylinders.
The third type, opposite cylinder head

Compared to the second cylinder head, this one has a straight Angle between the neutral lines, meaning that the two rows of cylinders remain on the same level. For engine parts manufacturers, this type of cylinder head with small height is rarely used, so it will not be produced on a large scale. With the development of science and technology, more types of cylinder heads are bound to appear in the field of engine parts. The automobile cylinder head in the future will definitely have better properties and be able to withstand greater loads. But no matter what kind of cylinder head is used, engine parts manufacturers expect regular maintenance to increase its service life.

The first, welding repair method
The welding repair method with high bonding strength is the most recommended method used by engine parts companies when owners repair themselves. To determine whether this method can be used, the basis is to see whether the crack in the cylinder head occurs at a higher temperature or stress location. Welding repair method can be divided into cold welding and hot welding. Let’s introduce one by one.

1.Hot welding
First, the drill bit is used to drill holes of appropriate diameter at both ends of the crack, gently chisel the cylinder head crack into a "V" groove, Remember that the Angle should be appropriate and clean up the sweeps drilled down on the engine parts. Then choose a shelter, at this time, the engine parts company reminds all car owners to properly preheat the welding part first, and directly use acetylene welding to weld the welding seam after the temperature is appropriate, The long-term practice of engine parts company shows that the hot welding method will not make large internal stress, so that the welded parts will not make white mouth and crack..
2.Cold welding

The only difference between cold welding and hot welding is the parts. The hot welding method requires the parts to be heated up and preheated in advance: while the cold welding method does not need this step, it will directly use acetylene gas or electric welding tools to weld. Engine parts companies remind owners that these two methods have their own advantages, when choosing must be combined with their own situation.
Second, inorganic bond repair method

Using adhesive to repair cylinder head crack is undoubtedly the most convenient method. Engine parts companies recommend this method for busy drivers who don't have much free time. Because the inorganic binder has the characteristic of high temperature resistance, it is used to repair the crack on the bottom surface of the cylinder head.
In addition, the engine parts companies would like to remind you that the cylinder head cracks are in different sizes, larger cracks can be recognized by the human eye and can be repaired by themselves. However, some small cracks cannot be identified by the naked eye, so they are often ignored by car owners. At this time, professional technicians are needed to repair them..

Cylinder head is an important part of automobile, and its function is to close the cylinder. As the top cover of the cylinder and the piston top constitute the combustion chamber which can continuously provide energy power and at the same time support the camshaft and rocker shaft inside the car. The quality of cylinder head has an important influence on the power engine and the smooth air intake and exhaust. Nowadays, there are more and more auto parts manufacturers in the market, How to find high quality reliable one from many auto parts manufacturers and choose high performance, stable and reliable cylinder head products is particularly important..

1.According to the manufacturing materials of cylinder head. Generally speaking, the base materials determine the quality of the cylinder head to a large extent, because the cylinder head is used as the upper cover of the combustion chamber. The high quality and reliability of the cylinder head means that it must be able to withstand high temperature and pressure conditions for a long time, Therefore, the tightness of the material, resistance to high temperature and pressure, acid and alkali resistance and properties are excellent..

2.By observing the appearance of the cylinder cover processing

The appearance processing of cylinder head can also reflect its quality to a certain extent. Generally speaking good cylinder head is produced through strict and superb manufacturing technology. This can be shown on the extremely flatness surface of the cylinder head, small tolerance, small precision error of screw position and very strong bonding widgets, etc.

3 To determine the quality of the cylinder head, it also needs to know the manufacturer's information and prefer which is better. With a certain size and good reputation of the manufacturers, the quality is guaranteed. Formal operation of factories with public praise often means that it has very mature manufacturing process and management experience in production process , and has a large number of old customers, so the quality is not too bad.

4, See the price to determine the quality of cylinder head. Generally speaking, any product with high quality and reputation is naturally made with the best materials and technology, it makes the corresponding performance will not be poor, so its price should be proportional to quality and cost. Consumers should consider the price carefully when distinguishing the quality of cylinder head, never believe the low price, or blindly believe that high prices are good goods, we should analyze the factors that cause different prices from different manufacturers.

To sum up, to identify good quality and service of cylinder head ones from many manufacturers and brands needs to be examined and measured from the materials, various parameter information, and even the scale and qualification of the manufacturer. The cylinder head with stable performance can not only make the car have better driving experience, but also ensure the safety in the process of driving.

The engine cylinder head as one of the important parts in the cars, the price is relatively high. It is believed that car owners are familiar with the experience of replacing the engine head. It is ok for the normal life, but it is pity if it needs to spend a lot of money to replace because of improper maintenance. So must pay attention to the maintenance of the car’s engine cylinder head.

Regular self-examination

The high quality and durable car engine cylinder head makes the car owner comfortable, but every car owner should check it regularly. The contents of the inspection include whether the surface of cylinder head is worn seriously, match with other installation activities parts, and the sufficient amount of oil, You can also guess whether it is abnormal by listening to the sound when starting the car.
Send to professional personnel for checking regularly

Good quality car engine cylinder head has special manufacturer inspection service. If used for a long time, self-inspection can not meet the Functional tests, So it is necessary to send to a professional for inspection, You can send it to 4S shop, which has special supporting facilities. Of course, it is better to send it back to the manufacturer for inspection, because the original manufacturer is most familiar with its own products.
Change regularly

Any component has a specific life span, even after regular inspection and maintenance, so when a car's cylinder head reaches a certain life span, Whether or not there are functional anomalies, consider replacing them. Because even if it works, it takes a while, Not changing in time may affect other parts of the car. The maintenance is very important of the car’s engine cylinder head, the above three points must be remembered in mind. It is believed that with the development of technology, engine cylinder head will step into a new level no matter in design or technology, the maintained way will change with it. In general, for the car’s engine cylinder head, no matter there is any new technical transformation, it also needs careful cares in order to maximize its value.

First, it must have the qualified certificate. The durable engine cylinder head with high quality has its own brand, choosing a brand with good reputation is the guarantee of its quality. Qualified car engine head has qualified certificate, pay attention to whether the package seal is complete, the serial number of the body outside the package is consistent with it affixed to the fuselage when buying. In addition, there should also be a complete qualification certificate, warranty card, product specification and other certificates.
Second, complete body
Check the body with practice, in addition to the qualification certificate. First Observe whether the fuselage appearance is intact, and also check the details. The best way is checking the instructions which will be a description of each part. Install it for using as soon as possible after these checks at last, this is the most direct way to check the engine head body.
Third, the corresponding after-sales tracking
The good quality of cylinder head is not only required good using, but also the corresponding after-sales tracking. For these mechanical parts, the buyer is very unlikely to repair them by himself if they are damaged, because it needs professional knowledge and technology. Therefore, perfect after-sales tracking is very important, it needs to pay attention to whether there are customer service and warranty contact information.
That’s the tips of buying car’s cylinder head. For this kind of mechanical parts, we must be careful and consider all aspects when buying, after all, these technical parts need professional manufacturers to produce, it can not made easily. With the development of technology, the cylinder head will become more mature and it needs less attention.

The easy using cylinder heads are very popular nowadays, but if the fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and other parts are too dirty, they will lead to poor filtering effect, then too much impurities comes into the cylinder head and even aggravate the wear of the parts. In order to reduce the wear of the cylinder head effectively, we must be clear what problems it needs to avoid. So, let's talk about what to avoid with it.
First, avoid getting “dirty”: If the Water tank radiator fin of water tank and cylinder head, air-cooled engine cylinder block, cooler radiator fin and other parts are too dirty, they will make the bad heat dissipation and high temperature of cylinder head. Therefore, for this kind of "afraid of dirty" parts must be timely cleaning maintenance.
Second, Avoid excessive heat: high piston temperature can easily lead to overheating and melting and cylinder holding, overheating rubber seals, triangle tape and tires will easily leads to premature aging, decline performance, shorten the service life. The overheating coil of the starter, generator, regulator and other electrical equipment can easily burn down and be scrapped. Vehicle bearings should be maintained at the appropriate temperature, such as overheating, it will quickly deteriorate the lubricating oil, eventually the bearings burned out and the vehicle was damaged.
Third, Avoid "change The matching parts of cylinder head are specially processed during manufacture, which ground in pairs with perfect fit, they are always used in pairs and are not interchangeable during the service life. Some mutual matching parts, such as the piston and cylinder liner, bearing bush and shaft neck, valve and valve seat, connecting rod big head tile and rod body, etc, , they have good cooperation after a period of time of running in. In the maintenance, it also should pay attention to the assembly of pairs, do not "change for others”.
These are the tips to avoid when installing a cylinder head.
In addition to the above three points, the cylinder head should not be installed on the wrong side, Otherwise, it will be damaged by premature ablation. For some special shape, even domestic professional cylinder head can not be installed upside down. It shall be assembled according to the requirements of different models to ensure maximum driving force. And it also need to pay attention to different models of cylinder head also have different requirements, it can not be installed at will.

With the continuous development of the automobile industry in China, various parts have also obtained favorable development, among which the most excellent development trend is the easy-to-use cylinder head. The cylinder head is a basic material which cannot be obtained by cars, it has a very close, reliable structure. So let’s analyze structure of it.
First, material selection: EL101 Aluminum silicon alloy is used as materials by most domestic professional cylinder head. This material suitable for pouring complex shaped castings with low specific gravity, high strength and good casting fluidity. Especially for high thermal conductivity which can reduce the temperature of the hot parts to ensure the thermal intensity of the cylinder head. But the disadvantage of this material is that the low elastic modulus to produce plastic deformation easily, and the price is more expensive.
Second, Structure type: The automobile cylinder head uses four cylinders one block. This structure can reduce the cylinder center distance, and the convenient layout of the intake and exhaust channels, the waterway is also relatively simple. However, because of the large length of block cylinder head and insufficient longitudinal stiffness, warping deformation is easy to occur when assembling. In order to compensate for the lack of longitudinal stiffness, the upper plane of the cylinder head adopts a box structure which increases not much of height, but enhances rigidity and the strength.
Third, Intake and exhaust channels: The intake and exhaust channels are on one side of the cylinder head. Each cylinder has one intake port and one exhaust port, and all are straight air ports. This airway has low resistance and quite high flow rate of intake and exhaust. Especially the intake, the throat velocity is extremely fast and high. Therefore, the geometric shape, size, cross section area and roughness of intake and exhaust passage have great influence on the power performance and economy of the engine. Therefore this kind of cylinder head should made strict requirements when casting.
Fourth, Layout of waterways: Waterway arrangement can effectively ensure that the hot parts in the cylinder head reach the priority of cooling. The cooling water cavity is more unobstructed because of multi-sphere combustion chamber and straight air passage. Each combustion chamber is surrounded by cooling water from the cylinder block. Cooling water cavities are provided around the exhaust duct and spark plug installation. The practice has proved that the cooling water chamber arrangement is reliable, and there is no hot phenomenon of exhaust valve seat hole and spark plug nose bridge area. Of course, this is also related to the good using of thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy materials.
The above is about the analysis of automobile cylinder head structure. The arrangement of the fastening bolt of the cylinder head is closely related to the stress of cylinder head, the deformation of the cylinder hole and the reliability of the sealing gasket. Therefore, if it possible, the number of fastening bolts should be appropriately larger, its distance from the edge of the cylinder hole is as close as possible, so as to ensure that the distribution of each bolt load as uniform as possible. The bolt will not pull the cylinder head out of shape.

There are two reasons of excessive clearance of piston and cylinder, improper replacement or severe wearing of cylinder. It cause the engine has obvious knocking sound in the cold starting. After the engine becoming hot, the noise diminishes or disappears. Reverse piston or anti-elliptic phenomenon, will cause knocking sound. Improper tightness of the connecting rod will also cause the piston to collide with the cylinder wall and make noise. The engine speed is fixed at the location of the loudest knock, using the method of "cut off the fire" ( test with one by one cut off the cylinder high voltage or oil supply pipeline method), when it "cut off the fire", the sound is significantly weakened or disappeared, that is the cylinder knocking. For further judgment, oil can be injected above the piston with a long nozzle oil can, and then start the engine. In the moment after the start, if the sound is reduced or disappeared, then it will appear again soon, that is the cylinder knocking. If there is a serious knocking sound, the engine must be broken down, re-repair the selection of piston and cylinder clearance, in order to completely remove the knock cylinder fault.

Pulling cylinder refers to the cylinder wall move along the direction of the piston, there are different depths of the groove. Because of the existence of cylinder wall groove, high pressure gas leakage from the groove to make noise when piston compression and work stroke. The failure caused the engine to lose power, increase oil consumption. Piston will stuck in the cylinder and the engine can not run in serious pulling failure. After the groove mark appears, the similar knock sound comes out when the engine is revolving, it will change with the engine speed. Due to the appearance of groove marks on the cylinder wall, the cylinder seal is in bad condition. Oil is burned in the combustion chamber which increasing oil consumption, blue smoke appeared from the engine. Causes of cylinder pulling failure: Different matters causing cylinder strain. Too small piston and cylinder fit gap, too large pressure of piston ring on the cylinder wall; Poor lubrication of cylinder wall because of impurities in oil or gasoline. Oil film is damaged by overheating engine, dry friction makes excessive expansion of piston, then it becomes adhesive wear. The piston pin clip came out and strained the cylinder wall. The fault is determined by means of fire break and the effect is not obvious. The cylinder pressure gauge can be used to test the cylinder pressure in the uncertain condition. If the pressure of a single cylinder is too low, that may be pulled or valve melting, it should be broken down to determine. When it confirmed, the engine should be disassembled, measured the size of the cylinder, re-select cylinder liner and piston.

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