Engine cover of car knowledge


The cylinder head is mounted on the top of the cylinder body, sealing the cylinder from the top and forming a combustion chamber. It is often in contact with high temperature and high pressure gas, so it bears a large heat load and mechanical load. The cylinder head of the water-cooled engine has a cooling water sleeve inside, and the cooling water hole at the bottom end of the cylinder head is connected to the cooling water hole of the cylinder body. Use circulating water to cool the hot parts of the combustion chamber.

The cylinder cover is also equipped with intake and exhaust door seats, Valve catheter holes, for loading, exhaust doors, air intake channels and exhaust channels. The cylinder head of the gasoline engine is machined with holes in which spark plugs are installed, while the cylinder head of the diesel engine is machined with holes in which the injector is installed. The cylinder head of the overhead camshaft engine is also processed